Hailing from Tel Aviv, Yogg (Yuval Goren) was born in the 90’ and delved into the city’s vibrant clubbing scene at an early age. His soundscapes are characterized by a unique sound design, impact cuts of body-slamming techno with deep synths and sleek rhythms. Yogg has made a name for himself over the years, committing to exciting sound explorations, in-depth projects, releases & remixes. He released on various labels such as Non Series, Illegal Alien, 30D Records, Counterchange, Gradient, Tales Collective, and others. His DJ sets, energetic, mind-bending, and wrapped in multilayered textures of ambient were described as ‘sounds that turn your mind inside out with its long and hypotonic grooves’ and earned him a spot in prestigious clubs around the world such as Berghain, Tresor, Concrete, Village Underground, Contact and several more. Yogg was a resident & curator at The Block Club for several years and a resident DJ at Homopatik & AVADON. Since 2014, his label Parallax has been showcasing cutting-edge voices of Local and global contemporary techno.