Mascha is a Berlin born and now again based Techno DJ with a strong footprint in Mexico Cities night & music scene. Her weekly radio show LIEBE she curated with colleague Kris Berle on Aire Libre 105.3 fm was a weekly live program bringing international and national talents together for a chat and music presentation. Her music style is pretty versatile but you could put it in the genres of Ambient, Breakbeat, Acid-, Industrial-, Detroit- and 90ies- influenced Techno. Mascha released her first Track „Representative Weapon“ on a Various Artist EP on the Important Jogger label. As well her first collaborative EP „CDMX“ in which she collaborated with the label owner Indy Nyles. From playing in underground raves to festival stages in Mexico, Poland and Germany she explores her sound and is hypnotizing the audience with her well selected beats.