Ana Rs, originating from the pulsating rhythms of the music scene, Is recognized for her versatility, thriving in the roles of both a dynamic producer and an eclectic DJ. She is the creative mastermind behind Interakt events, a testament to her commitment to pushing boundaries in the scene. Her initial years were a joyful exploration, soaking up the art of DJing and music production. However, Ana soon delved deeper into her creative pursuits, unveiling a profound fascination with the enigmatic realm of experimental techno. Through her craft, she crafts soundscapes that unveil the dancefloor’s enigmatic, shadowy side. Ana’s journey is marked by a constant progression, not only in her music but in her approach to the craft of DJing. Collaborations with artists from diverse backgrounds highlight her innovative spirit, transcending conventional genres. With a strong release on Ben Sims’s historic imprint Symbolism 2023, with a EP called “Take Me There” she made a big step to the music scene and gained a big support from artists like Dave Clarke, Truncate, Luke Slater, Rene Wise, Stef Mendesidis, Silent Servant & more. Her music has also found its way onto esteemed labels including TMM Records, B55, Patterns, Substantiv, Lunar Limited, and there are many more announcements on the horizon for this year. In 2019, she founded Interakt, an organization dedicated to curating events featuring carefully selected artists from the techno scene. Notable guests so far have included Adriana Lopez, Lars Huismann, D-Leria, Psyk, Svreca, CONCEPTUAL, and more.